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Himegoto is a deep and thoughtful academic inquiry into a pervasive social problem that haunts the streets of Japan. It serves as a documentary delving into the deep and buried roots of a trend that is disturbingly becoming more and more common in Japan. More and more people report seeing these strange phenomena, and more and more photos have been taken to further drive home the point that this is an issue we can ignore no longer.

Traps in anime and manga have always had a niche that only they can fill: they allow people to draw as many dick bulges as they want and get away with it.  Himegoto, or I Have A Dick: The Animation, does pretty much the same thing for about 4 minutes every week. Before we proceed, don’t get me wrong though, I loved the manga. I found it to be funny enough for me to go ahead and read Himegoto Plus, aka Oh Look, You Have One Dick, We Have Three.

Perhaps it is exactly because of this niche, and the existence of Himegoto Plus, which focused on the Disciplinary Committee, which currently make the already short anime even more cliche. The current gag is revealing that a character is a trap each episode. Nothing wrong with that, out of 8 main characters, more than half are traps…it’s making me completely lose interest though. When the current best character isn’t even female or dressing as female something has to change.

Sure, the Disciplinary Committee’s shenanigans are pretty fun to watch as well. But at this point what does the show want to exactly do? Is it trying to order a chronological order of events or some crap? I wanted to see more animated from Chapter 2, to be honest, but now the small amount of time allocated per week is going to split three ways: Himegoto, Himegoto Plus, and Dicks. I don’t know, maybe I’m expecting too much for a short, but surely it could been done better.

I want to drop the show soon but I’m doing the 3 Episode Test. The show itself already has no rewatch value – hell, it barely has any watch value – but I just want to see if they end up revealing other traps next week. By, you know, flashing their balls. Again. Yawn.


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