Akuma no Riddle: 12 Episodes, 13 Students, 1 3-Month-Long Waste of Time

Akuma No Shit Sherlock recently ended its outstanding and exciting anime run by spontaneously combusting in a shit-fueled flaming bag of hatred and malice. In the end the only living souls that the show managed to really claim were the lives of 2 even more inept assassins as well the viewers’, having being slowly sucked out of their eye sockets over the course of 12 long episodes.

As an action and yuri anime based on holy shit, a class of 12 fucking professional assassins trying to kill a singular assassin as well as a fucking airhead who can only refer to herself in the third person like a goddamn Pokemon, it is indeed, surprising that the shitfest has managed to culminate with absolutely no-one killed whatsoever. The ineptitude of the assassins in killing one another, as well as killing themselves, have allowed them to survive falls from skyscrapers, taking in toxic gas as well as receiving stabs to the fucking heart, which has happened on not just one – but TWO – occasions, for the sake of sating the broken hearts of yuri fans upon learning that their favourite ships have sunken off the coast of Good Plot, Great Pacing and the island of Making Some Goddamn Sense.



It gets so terrible that towards the end, the show had to pull some black voodoo bullshit and get the arbitrator of Class Black, Nio, to attempt to assassinate Haru with her powers, but not by just straight up stabbing her while they were alone, but instead by setting up a giant stage for her to hypnotise Haru into thinking she was Tokaku for the sake of…what, for the heck of it, and allowing her to summarily receive a stab to the fucking chest which, guess what guys- she survives! And then Tokaku has to get over her fucking teenage angst by stabbing Haru too, to the chest as well – and she survives too! Just like every single attack on her that she survived up to this point – which is how she got all her scars! Which she lived through! Without any protectors! With nothing but sheer willpower! Oh and that’s right- Haru supposedly killed her brothers! For apparently no reason! 

Through the power of lilies, high school anime and class bonding experiences, the entirety of Class Black pulls itself from whatever graves they were buried in, and simultaneously find the strength within themselves to get over whatever problems they had been facing – from an estranged relationship with their parents, keeping their family fed, childhood trauma that had nothing to do whatsoever with anything that happened in the show, lost love and of course, death. Through every single of them failing to kill the most helpless and brainless character in the show other than the teacher, the students of Class Black all what, stop being professional assassins and move on? ? ? ? ? ? Except for Otoya of course, who somehow gets caught again and not being locked up forever for being a fucking batshit psycho serial killer.

And with that, Haru graduates – she lived after all – and then what? Her school life literally lasted less than a single term. Is she just going to fuck off and go on her honeymoon with her murderer, who somehow despite being trained to kill with deadly accuracy her whole life, finds it impossible to kill anyone due to her mother’s memory, and just live happily ever after? Wasn’t she the Primer of this shady secret organisation that she would be destined to lead someday, despite having the mental strength of a Lvl. 5 Eevee? And what, now that she survived, did she prove herself to be worthy to be the next primer? Will Tokaku end up being her bodyguard forever? What was the whole point of Class Black if no-one died, nothing was proven about Haru, everyone forgets and forgives, the chairwoman lets her fucking walk free, and nothing really changes?


For a show with great graphics, design, and dare I say, sound, Akuma no Fucking Way I’m Watching This Again managed to end up as a flaming trainwreck with shoddy plot, lazy character development, and a plot with more holes than a cheese grater. Every single aspect of this show had proven to be ultimately, mediocre and unsatisfactory – with even the allure of their outfits being shown in the OP being nothing more than just that- graphics for the OP. It’s a show that ultimately tries to make everyone happy, but just fails by stretching itself out too thin, and thus, nothing more than a waste of time.

Avoid this show like the plague.

ps: what's with edgy protags and dragon jackets
ps: what’s with edgy protags and dragon jackets??

3 thoughts on “Akuma no Riddle: 12 Episodes, 13 Students, 1 3-Month-Long Waste of Time

    1. Comment fused.

      To be honest the premise was great. I won’t deny that. The way the plot was presented and the way the show developed was not. The character development was shallow and the show was full of plot holes. In the end it twisted itself into various loops and contortions to get a happy ending when it wasn’t really necessary. At the end of it all the show felt too rushed and too many loose ends were left.

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