I don’t know who the fuck this is, and the reason this photo was taken

Hello everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging, on any platform ever. I’ve been using WordPress, Blogspot and Tumblr intermittently to do my blogging, but I guess I’m back to settle down on my good old home, WordPress.

This blog will likely be a personal blog with some occasional highly opinionated and likely, offensive posts, at some point or another anyway. I’m not sure as to how often I can really write anything worth noting on this blog, given that I’m still serving the army, but I’ll try to come up with something. Maybe blogs are making a resurgence huh, what with the increasing popularity of personalisation culture. Helps to keep my mind sharp too, I hope – I’ve noticed that I lost my once-firm grasp of the language…often I find myself unable to express something I’m thinking properly, as though my vocabulary could shrink upon not using its entirety regularly.

You may or may not remember my previous blog, Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity  (I hope you do though), so if you do remember AOIA, you may (or may not) be pleased to know that I will probably end up being an aniblogger again. Hence the reason why the blog’s called Monolith 32 anyway: a title dedicated to a show that everyone will likely criticise and forget in a few months time, much like every anime blog that has ever existed.

I hope I can find the strength within myself – as well as some quality time – to eventually write another post here.

Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “BACK FOR NOW

  1. I’m not sure if anime blogging is conducive to making “some occasional highly opinionated and likely, offensive posts”, but uh, sure….

    also first

    1. Haha true. What I had in mind was commenting on the news and stuff. Politics maybe. Probably the Internet.

      Then again I’ve been doing anime blogging for so long that if I were to manage to find time to blog again I’d probably write about it.

      Still in barracks though. I’ll try and find some time to write about something

      1. Some anime. Not all. There isn’t internet in the camp, obviously, so I have to use cellular data if I want to watch in-camp, but that takes a lot of time to download/load the episodes. Besides the schedule is very packed. I will try to squeeze in some posts occasionally but I wouldn’t be too surprised if no-one really comments on them though…

  2. I had no idea you created a new site! I just checked AOIA and then saw a link to this. Looking forward to reading about whatever you’re up to 🙂

    1. Thanks! I really want to write more but I’m serving in the army, so time is limited. In fact I’m having an exercise in a few hours time…a few days in the jungle. I’ll try to write as much as I can though!

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